Develop .

Develop together with the child system of encouragement and punishments for desirable and undesirable behavior.

Develop and arrange in a place, convenient for the child, the set of rules of behavior in group kindergarten, in a class, houses.

Ask the child to pronounce these rules aloud.

Try to create for the child the silent quiet atmosphere in the house, watch that, that the sound of the TV, tape recorder or radio was slightly muffled, try not to talk with each other or to the child with voices raised.

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The son, let the girl

The son, let the girl You only in a week will be given the young man noticed.

The son, let the girl will go outside, and we with you on we speak mother ordered.

Luda silently slipped out for a door, and Kostik, having frowned, asked Well, it is happy?

Expelled the person?

You, a puppy ungrateful as you dare so with mother to talk?

the father shouted, leaving in a hall.

And how the grateful puppy has to behave?

spo koyno Kostik asked.

Whether the grateful puppy owes the father with mother of a hand to zat for that they feed him, learn and love.

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Children Game Persistent, as Ball Children get up in a circle.

The teacher takes a ball and strikes with it about a floor, and then explains to children that the ball can teach them to persistence, as, falling, it again and again jumps up up.

Then the teacher passes a ball to any of children, and this rebe NOC tells, what business is impossible to it or to that it would like to learn.

Children in turn give to it advice.

Child has to repeat all councils of the friends, striking with a ball about a floor it is so much times, how many councils he remembered.

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Creation of conditions

Creation of conditions Creation of conditions for decrease in level of the negative emotional attitude of pupils to to process of training, decrease in level of school uneasiness one of the factors influencing on the general success and on process of development of the competent letter Brel E.


, ; Sizova O.


, ; Kochubey B.

I., ; Kostina L.

M., ; Maunieon G.


, .

As there is an interrelation of level of school progress of pupils and level of the school uneasiness, the teacher, having revealed disturbing children in a class, even prior to training carries out with them the training promoting decrease in a muscular and emotional pressure.

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I finished

I finished I finished the speech!

Son Petkin a backpack from skin, I dream of such too.

In it four offices, It is convenient, without doubt.

Father To argue there are no forces with you, All right, the son, persuaded!

We will buy a backpack now, But look, last time!

Questions and tasks Why the father after all bought the son a backpack?

As you think that happened to the boy's backpack on sa megohm business?

How you think, whether correctly the father arrived?

Whether you ask to buy new things from parents, or they bark it?

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Other children

Other children GAMES WITH JUMPS Hares and wolf Description of game One of playing the tutor is appointed by an ox lump.

Other children represent hares.

On one party of a platform hares note to themselves places cones, stones from which spread circles, squares, etc.

At the beginning of game hares stand on the places.

Wolf is on the opposite end of a platform in ravine.

The tutor speaks Hares jump skok, skok, skok, On green on a luzhok, on a luzhok, The grass is pinched, listened, Whether there is no wolf.

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The neighbor

The neighbor Run to the right more vividly at me!

And threatened the Snowball with a stick.

And take the Snowball and seize to the neighbor in the right heel.

The neighbor from pain began to yell Oh, oh, foolish dog!

You grew blind on both eyes, perhaps?

Same my foot, but not pheasant, bag of wind you such!

Released the Snowball of the neighbor.

Here passed a little time, again the neighbor shouts Hey, Snowball!

You hear, the fox began a bark.

Run on the left, be enough it.

Not that I you stick!

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