The curve

The curve The second phase II an aggravation phase.

The curve of anger starts rising up.

This time, when the body physiologically prepares itself for the forthcoming battle level increases adrenaline, muscles strain, breath and pulse become frequent.

But nevertheless at this stage, especially at its initial stage, we still can prevent the forthcoming flash.

And if we will not stop the accruing stream for anger at this stage, it is necessary to wait, the third phase a crisis phase will not end yet.

The third phase III a crisis phase, anger peak.

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The best way to teach

The best way to teach Any achievements of children can be compared only with their own, at it try to place emphasis on progress, but not on shortcomings.

By no means it is impossible to encourage a yabednichestvo.

The best way to teach children to cooperate to carry out to a vra mya together with them to go hiking, the museum, park, to prepare gifts to birthday of one child together with another.

To teach children of keenness, adults need to be sensitive to problems children; in time to notice bad mood of the child and to discuss with it a problem, so far his irritation did not pour out on the younger.

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We do not speak

We do not speak If the insect got between windows let out it.

The kid should not to have a good time a picture of suffering of the living being.

We do not speak can whether they to think; we speak whether they can suffer declare today friends of the nature.

Your good deed will be more important in moral education if you strengthen the child's response wonderful verses of A.

Bartho We did not notice a bug And frames winter closed.

And he live, he is living so far, And it buzzes, having spread wings.

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So You're saying

So You're saying If allowed, then taught, what can and even necessary.

So You're saying that we should not be afraid of the manifestation of his authority in an earlier age?

On the contrary, this will facilitate the natural adoption mining tions.

If the child knows what is and what is not, this is already not for his limit, he lives.

And if that was possible, suddenly became it is impossible, it causes indignation.

We also disagree.

I reach fifteensixteen years of age, and I say, You must go to the army!

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Then sat down

Then sat down The grandmother cared about the dubochk and every morning greeted it, looking from a window.

Also there was at the grandmother a little grandson who often came to it on a visit.

Together they went to the dubochka and looked after for theM. Then sat down near, and the grandmother read to the grandson the narration kI. Every summer they were photographed at a dubochka, and then rejoiced, observing as grow the kid and a tree.

At a dubochka there were many new branches, and it was not bent under tyaany more tin of birdies.

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Alina joyfully

Alina joyfully The road flew by quickly, and soon the girl appeared on small station in embraces of the grandfather.

Old motorcycle brought them to a forest area when already darkened.

Next day Alina woke up from unfamiliar for groins and sounds.

Get up, a vnuchenka.

The grandfather went to the wood for a long time, and we with you need to descend for berries it is tender progovo Rila Planina the grandmother, having glanced to the rooM. Alina joyfully jumped and came to kitchen.

On a dish fragrant pancakes lay, in vases honey and jam sparkled, and the girl felt that dies of hunger.

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I will

I will Instruction Break, please, into groups on eight people.

Get up in the close dense circle, shoulder to shoulder.

Now get up on all fours, still closely having nestled a shoulder to to shoulder.

I will put this plate on a back of one of you.

You will need to give a plate the friend to the friend backs, without hands.

When the plate takes a cycle, you can do everything together loudly to cry out Hurrah!

, and if the plate falls to a floor, you can chorus a little povyt, as the hungry wolf howls on the moon.

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