For example, modest

For example, modest Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation As the modest person has to behave in the wood, guests, teat re, train etc.


For example in the wood the modest person should not to shout, leave behind garbage, to break branches etc.

What food seems to you modest, and why?

Think up the menu modest breakfast lunch, dinner.

For example, modest breakfast hundred pure Caen, greens sandwich and two baked kartoshina.

LESSON THIRTY THIRD MODESTY x MAGIC HARP Fairy tale of the people of Burma to one small small village there lived a young man on ime Maun Zita.

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Parents Parents in a campaign if you went with svo would release you them friend and his father?

As you think why the boy did not tell parents Zara it about the plans?

Whether parents consult on you where to send you to le that?

That you would tell on the boy's place, that parents an otpa styles you in a campaign?

OPINION OF CHILDREN Whether children have to participate in the solution of the family questions?

Children of elementary school Should not, let parents think.

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Bella and her parents

Bella and her parents It were hungry wolves who watched because of bushes for lyudlong ago mi and now gathered for them a misfortune.

Bella and her parents not knew what to do, they have nobody was to ask for help.

In it the moment Mirkl felt something wrong and became to look for on a smell of the owners.

At Grew dim was very good scent, and it quickly found theM. When Mirkl saw angry wolves, at first very much was frightened also wanted to escape.

But then understood that cannot leave in trouble the owners and, having forgotten about fear, jumped directly on wolves.

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In our opinion, transformation

In our opinion, transformation In our opinion, transformation is noted with age manifestations of a hyperactivity with significant increase in impulsiveness in the senior school teenage age.


I. Guzevai M. Ya.

Sharf allocate dizontogenetichesky and entsefalopatichesky types MMD.

At children with dizontogenetichesky type of frustration are expressed not roughly and are expressed usually in the form of the tserebroastenichesky phenomena and psychomotor excitability.

At children with are combined by entsefalopatichesky type of line of immaturity with signs of damage of the nervous systems.

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Rules of the game

Rules of the game At a tambourine beat or after words in places all children run in a circle and occupy any empty seat.

Remained without place children chorus speak Vanya, Vanya, do not yawn Manya, Olya, etc.

, Quickly take a place.

When game is held the last time, the tutor puts back a cube in order that all children had place.

Game repeats times.

Rules of the game The place in a circle can be taken only after words the tutor in places or at a tambourine beat.

It is impossible to remain on the place or inside circle after the word run.

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In life

In life In life only fools Dismiss fists.

You want the friend to keep, Try clever to be!

Son All right, I will call Leshke, I will talk to it a little bit.

I will not lose the friend, I know, Leshke too hardly!

Questions and tasks Why boys fight more often than girls?

If your friends fight because of a trifle how you arrive?


What Leshke the hero of the poem will tell?

As you think that it is more difficult to solve a problem peacefully or by means of fists?

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Then discuss

Then discuss Drawing For Whom I Am Responsible Draw the person, an animal or a plant, for which you you answer, and tell how you do it.

H Task for the house During days off ask children to be responsible for that their native have well a rest.

Then discuss with to put mi, whether it is difficult to be responsible for the native.

Game Sympathetic Kolobok Discuss with children that has to be able to do the sympathetic person.

To console, listen, help at a difficult moment, pode to flow etc.

Then children get up in a circle.

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  • The boy's padishah saw, tightened up moustaches and touched the crown.He wanted to tell these I will destroy you.Boy knocked with fingers to itself on a forehead and gave these popyat that god allocated it with mind.The padishah was convinced, as indeed the boy is clever, resourceful both it is sharpwitted, and ordered to fill to the viewfinder its scarf with gold and to release.And viewfinder whispers to the padishah on an ear About the padishah, and you are not afraid that this boy when comes time, will dump you from a throne?
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  • Oneyearold children easily perceive the fingertype game which is carried out by one hand, and threeyearold are already able to play two hands.Kids of fouryear age are capable to participate in games, where some events replace each other, and you can offer more senior children fingertype game, having issued it any small subjects cubes, balls etc.The author very much hopes that verses and the game movements will be pleasant to you and your children, will present pleasure of communication and will bring notable benefit.The general recommendations about massage Now it is only possible to guess how people began to apply massage in the medical purposes.
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