There is no time

There is no time And he answers I cannot help.

There is no time at me, by New Year I prepare.

Meanwhile the daughter came running to mother Zima and speaks Wind very kind.

It helps all.

I told it that I want to learn to dance, and he taught me.

Here, look, and it began to spin in dance.

The daughter, you very beautifully dance, praised the daughter Winter.

Mother, but why you such sad?

Probably, is tired, to To new Year prepared?

No, many affairs are simple at me, mother answered, and you run play.

And the daughter Zimy departed further.

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Questions added old man.

Brothers thanked him and went to build the house.

Questions and tasks As you think why the question of strashy brothers began with words it is bad, and younger about the word it is good?

How thoughts of the person influence his achievements in life and his happiness?

As you understand words Everyone builds the happiness.

Think that is impossible to you, and tell yourself myslen but I will be able well to make it!

Drawing Draw the life in the form of the mountain, and on this mountain the house, in which there lives your happiness.

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The fly thought

The fly thought The whale was called Bill, and fly to Zaz.

Once the fly flied over the sea, in to to Torahs there lived a whale.

The fly sat down on a back of a whale and began to brag You know, a whale, I always share with all.

I spravedli Wai and a kind fly on light.

Bill answered nothing to it.

He was very kind whale and all allowed to sit down on the back.

The fly thought that a whale a pier chit because he absolutely agrees with it, and departed from a whale.

Next day ashore the fly found a beautiful cockleshell with fragrant honey also thought that now the food will be enough for it on long time.

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Operations Note.

Similar work is carried out with zvukopod Baume's razhaniye, Bai, bo.

Development of phonemic perception in children of early age Occupation Purpose development of mezhanalizatorny communications on a basis unitary enterprise razhneniye in the coordinated work recheslukhovy, a dviga telny and visual analyzers.

Equipment tambourine; druM. Operations procedure.

Game Fist a PalM. Adult offers the child to squeeze fingers in a fist; unclenching a fist, to put palms on a table; when beats of a tambourine are accelerated, accelerate the dv the zheniye if blows are slowed down, the movements have to be slow and smooth.

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