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The teacher

The teacher chirp Then game with fingers is held A finger the boy where you were?

With this brother went to the wood, With this brother cooked Russian cabbage soup,' Ate porridge with this brother, With this brother of a song sang.

Children serially unbend fingers.

The teacher shows how fingers will collect a beads on nizyvat beads.

Gives a task to put on a scaffold on beads.

{ ti perform a task.

The teacher suggests to count as to beads at Sasha?

At Mischa?

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If before

If before At the same time the increased need for money forces them to work even more intensively and still it is more.

If before a family generally faced external problems shortage of money, material difficulties, are now more expressed problems internal the intense the relations, acute and sharp reaction on mistakes and offenses of certain family members.

At that time as external problems were rallied quite often and strengthened a family, the internal intense the relations weaken it.

If in a family it is difficult for people to find a common language with each other, and it breaks up easier, than before.

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Suddenly Fortunately, the box was closed not densely, not that the poor captive would choke.

Suddenly in the middle of the night hum of the May clearly was heard bug at first from far away, then everything closer and closer and, at last it was distributed beside Collina to a bed.

The boy dumped with blanket also began to watch the heads with curiosity in that party, from where hum reached, and suddenly to the horror saw huge, growth from the person, a maybug.

Angry gla the deputy the bug looked at the torturer and buzzed and so distinctly, as if by a human voice The angry boy that you with me made!

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Description If covers shkruchivatsya, to track that the child twisted a cover, and not to bank.

As cut scissors Purposes development of coordination of movements of a hand; training hand muscles; concentration of attention; preparation to to the letter.

Material tray, scissors, paper set; some iist with a cut contour.

Description to show how it is correct to take scissors in one hand and leaf in other hand and to cut off a small slice.

ozdnee the child starts cutting on the line and to carry out slozh ny movements on cutting of patterns.

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Margarita Margarita did not know that this woman was a magician.

Margarita took scissors and cut off the most top tip hair, and then tried to comb theM. It was impossible, as hair were as though are pasted by glue to each other.

Margarita cut off one more tip of hair, but in the same minute on a place of the cutoff hair there were new.

At this moment the woman whispered something to herself under a nose, and Margarita felt in herself some hot force.

Suddenly in her hands there were scissors and a hairbrush from pure gold.

Mar the garita quickly cut off to the woman hair gold nozhnitsa mi also combed them a gold hairbrush.

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Game Choose

Game Choose Complication.

The adult asks to call a toy the proiyena st a sound it is loud or silent.

Occupation Purposes fixing of rechedvigatelny images of wordszvuko imitations and, at, and; specification their phonemic having appeared lines it is loud silently.

Equipment toys; tapes of different flowers.

Operations procedure.

Game Choose a Toy.

Before re benok on a table various toys the plane, a bear, a wolf, doll.

Everyone is tied up by ribbons of different flowers, a game tsy ribbons are mixed.

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