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So inherent

So inherent This is wrong it is not possible for the child to come off It receives from the mother that is incomplete in its fetal development.

So inherent nature that breastfeeding is the direct Pro a future pregnancy.

At the same time, following intrauterine link he now receives from the outside, but from the mother through the mother, many foreign in formation and its smells, sounds, sensations.

Between them there is internal communication.

It naturally makes no for anyone other than the mother.

And only after two years of a child acquires th davnosti to take in information, communication with strangers.

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The adult, reading

The adult, reading The adult, reading the poetic text, asks the child on to show the corresponding picture and to say a zvukopodr zhany times With a drum we go, Loudly I will eat songs Baumebom, bomby!

I will not go without gasoline The car hoots Beebi, bib!

MashaMasha, fall asleep, Baibay, baybay!

The boy cries and shouts The handle hurts me, Bobo, bobo!


Exercise on development of acoustical attention.

The adult asks beep as the car once, and put one stick on a table bi; beep many times and put many sticks bibibi bib; beep so many time, how many before you sticks one time is a lot of.

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His vision

His vision He knows what it does is let with errors, let something forgets.

Because it all the time developing something new, and therefore he again seputy similarly reviewed.

But he acknowledges that all is not so simple.

His vision is not something permanent, tomorrow everything can change.

May be right others, although it is difficult to accept.

In short, there are Sadat key to perceive the world not only as it seems to him in a certain live mgnovenie Human development from to What in the language of psychology is called the exit of the self.

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They started

They started Pair children off.

One child in couple a leaflet, Wad Dra the gy a forest mouse.

The leaflet has to tell a mouse about the tree, and a forest mouse to it about the family.

As you think, whether sadly to leaflets to leave for the winter with the mothers trees?

As if you consoled a leaflet, which mu it is terrible to come off a mother's branch?

THE FAIRY TALE ABOUT PLEASURE Maxim Suvorov, There came the spring.

On a pond ducks flied.

They started hatching out eggs, and soon at them poyavi foxes baby birds.

But one duck had only one baby bird.

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And swans

And swans On ze le's m a cher tit kr ug le with, in se red not of a circle a square the house of le with about in and to and.

Rules Choose driving.

One driving will be lesoviky, another Ivanko.

Other players swans.

In a square there has to be Ivanko.

And swans fly in wood and try to remove Ivanko from to ma.

Lesovik has to catch swan.

About at E Slee lesovikozh et to catch cm a swan, that the t you goes from game.

Whether and e with to a swan ud and with t About sya to remove from l e with and Ivanko, it is a t ova camp sya the lesoviky.

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That themselves

That themselves It is not necessary to judge them haughtily Their road is difficult and far.

Reconcile, not to return back them, They have to leave the house.

It is not necessary to try to overtake them, Allow them to make the choice, Depart from doors rather, You have no need to hold children.

To them put the love to the road, The prayer silently present, That their way was easier and is lighter.

That themselves was found by them rather.

Questions and tasks Why parents sometimes are afraid to release children in the adult life?

What to do to parents, if their child in anything not to council it etsyatsya with them?

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