You want

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You want Your father home did not bring kopek this month.

Zero it without pas lochka, but not the scientist.

Mothers, not in money business, many scientists were troubles nyakam the son noticed.

Do not talk nonsense.

You want to eat every day?

derisively mother asked.

It seems to me, the father has an excellent profession.

I too will become the archeologist when I grow up.

Through my corpse.

You will receive practical profes this mother declared.

Next day the father came home when mother was on to work, and Nikita at school.

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Start working

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Start working Break, please, into groups, on six people in everyone.

Five of you will become a musical instrument, and one the musician.

I will help everyone to group to begin work.

Start working with one of groups, and the others let so far will look.

Let someone one of your group will lay down on a floor.

Klava, what note, what sound you want to become?

You can sing this sound now.

But remember that this note it is necessary to you in the course to sing through games many times, and to do this all the time equally.

Ask the child to reproduce the sound chosen by it.

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Lines one hand

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Lines one hand lines the opened palms we iron a table surface as though we straighten folds on a cover.

lines one hand it is captured another and we try to shroud it everything, carrying out roundabouts.

The bug climbed on a short flight of stairs, Sings a song Ru zhuzhu!

Ru zhuzhu!

I on a short flight of stairs sit!

From a short flight of stairs the bug fell And angrily buzzed Ru zhuzhu!

Ru zhuzhu!

I under a short flight of stairs lie!

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Lines we put one hand

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Lines we put one hand Gusigusigusenyata Very nice children.

Geese a chain go To the river of water to get drunk.

At geese on legs Red boots!

Look will not see enough, Are proud of boots.

lines we put one hand a palm down on a table and we cover it with other palM. Then we pull out the first hand and with it it is covered the second.

So we do several times.

lines fingers of one hand we stroke the opened palm another.

lines we repeat the second movement for other hand.

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Therefore However it is difficult to imagine, that to the hyperactive child, even when he will become an adult, will give pleasure to sit for hours, touching papers or verifying columns of figures.

Therefore to mothers and fathers of the hyperactive children, understood features of the child and having accepted its such what it is, it is desirable to reflect on a choice of such profession in which features of children can be perceived as achievements.

For example, if the child is excessively impulsive, it is possible to choose for him profession in which it is necessary to make instantly decisions, the profession connected with extreme conditions firefighter, nurse of crew Ambulance, etc.

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At the first

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At the first At the first stages of game most often both children, and adults call obvious and prestigious abilities I am able to read, I am able to peel potatoes, I am able to drive the car.

However at the subsequent stages adults can in the list of worthy qualities and acts to include such moral concepts as I am able to keep secrets, I am able to be on friendly terms, I I am able to love the daughter, etc.

Carrying out this game helps to establish the positive emotional atmosphere with group, initially to accept each participant as successful person that is especially important at communication with children with SDVG.

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