In the same

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In the same So they also made went to the rich man and returned to him big bag with money.

In the same evening neighbors again uslykhat cheerful sounds of a viol.

The wife fed children with dense bean soup, dumped hundred ry apron also began to hit into a tambourine from asinine skin, and rebya tishka began to dance cheerful dance to a batuka and danced it is so carefree that again all street rejoiced to their fun.

And friends, having gathered under windows, smiled to the owner and from all soul had fun together with it.

Questions and tasks Why the rich senor decided to award the kind shoemaker?

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If in group

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If in group In such cases the responsible the role should provide to the senior children.

In unevenage group at a choice and carrying out games it is necessary to consider age of children of this group.

If in group there are children of two or three age, it is possible to divide children into two subgroups to unite in one group of children of middle and advanced age, and in another kids and to hold game with each subgroup.

In that to a vra mya when with one subgroup of children the tutor sees off mobile game with rules, other subgroup predo opportunity to organize creative game stavlyatsya.

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Whether what in him her it is pleasant to you?

whether this person moved to other place sometime?

whether both his her parent work, and whom?

what decorates his her life?

your autographic portrait of this person Instruction I want to offer you new, very interesting game.

You will need to write biographies of the friends.

Whether you know, what such the biography?

Talk to children that such and, whenever possible, tell this, for an example whose nibud biography.

I prepared cards on which names of all pupils of our class are written.

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Children What did you see?

Children answer That we saw we will not tell, And that did we will show.

All children represent any action, napr measures play on harmony, jump on horses etc.

The asking guesses.

If he did not guess, loses.

Children say to it that they did, and at dumyvat new action.

He guesses again.

Then on its place game gets out another playing, and on it vtoryatsya.

Game duration minutes.

Rules of the game Guessing should not turn in that time when children agree.

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Acoustical Development of associative communications and sensomotorika Tasks Improvement of acoustical and visual attention, sla horechevy memory.

Development of an articulation motility and feeling of a rhythM. Visual kinesteticheskikh feelings.

Acoustical attention with connection subject and the column chesky visual support symbols and schemes.

b About Development of phonemic perception in children of early age Formation of ability to divide words into parts with a support on supportive applications.

Fixing of ritmikointonational parameters of the word and concepts about a shock syllable.

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At anybody

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At anybody Then time give to children of a card with drawings of subjects.

Children have to to present that they are owners of these subjects, and rasska to zat about them with pride, but without bragging.

For example My car goes very quickly.

It beautiful and big.

In it all our family will be located pride.

My car goes most quicker.

At anybody is not present such krasi howl also the big car boasting.

Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation Ask children to think, than most of all they are proud in itself and to explain, why.

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